7 Tips in Purchasing the Best Open Back Headphones

Open Back Headphones
Did you know that the headphone industry segment is going to be worth a whopping $3,923 million by 2021? If you love listening to music, you do have a good many choices. You could buy in one of those popular Bose or Sennheiser headphones. However, while they are great for listening to music, do they offer what you need when it comes to a splendid gaming experience?

Why Do You Need Open Back Headphones?

Sure, you can look at them for hearing your favorite music but open back headphones offer a lot more than just music. A proper gaming headset is a vital part of your hardware setup when you’re aiming for the ultimate gaming experience. A good headset match, for one, adds a second level of immersion to the gameplay. However, before you do decide to buy the best open back headphones reviewed by ironhorsetrading, you need to look at different factors like whether you are choosing the right gaming equipment. Does it offer compatibility with your preferred gaming platform as well as considering the comfort, durability, and price? Picking out the right pair of headphones that are best suited to your needs is an important step towards making the most of your game time and we’re here to help you make this decision. Open Back

Why do we prefer open back gaming headphones over closed back?

While choosing between an over ear or a smaller on-ear headset is important, it is also essential to pay attention to whether the headphones are open back or closed back. A full size over the ear headset is ideal for gaming but we would also suggest opting for an open back model. Open back headphones offer a much better audio quality due to their open soundstage. They do not entirely filter out the external ambient noise, keeping you more aware of your surroundings than a headset that provides a full soundproof experience. This means the audio is more airy and clear in an open back model. However, there might be some audio leakage from your headset to your surroundings so keep this in mind when you’re gaming so as to not inconvenience those around you.

The Top Tips to Help You Buy the Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

Here are some tips to follow and important things to consider while picking out a pair of open back gaming headsets from the wide number of models and the variety offered in the market.

1. Know What Goes Best With Your Gaming Console or PC

headphonesThe gaming platform you are playing on will drastically affect your choice of headphones. Before settling on a headset choice it is of utmost importance to make sure they are compatible with your gaming console or PC. Some headsets are designed especially for a particular device but most models can be used with several platforms such as gaming PCs, consoles as well as handhelds. If you’re looking to play on your Xbox One for instance, you would need a wireless choice. Alternatively, if it’s a gaming pc you want to put it with, you could go for either one.

2. Microphone: yes or no?

Some multi-player games require a microphone to make communicating effectively with your teammates easier. However, microphones are not essential. Most gaming headsets will come with a decent microphone, regardless. It is important that the audio from your end doesn’t crack and the microphone is able to focus on your voice and not pick up distracting background noise.

3. What about the Sound Quality?

Superior sound quality is absolutely essential for the best gaming experience. Better sound quality allows you to pay attention to minute audio details in-game. Surround sound, noise cancellation and a powerful bass makes the game feel incredibly more realistic and brings it to life.

4. Wired or wireless?

While a wireless model prevents the hassle of untangling cords and wires, players can often experience lag or interference from other Bluetooth devices around them. Wireless headsets also need to be frequently recharged.

5. Comfort:

fostex a popular open back headphonesAn open back model prevents overheating due to proper ventilation as the sound system is not completely isolated. Thus they are more comfortable when you intend to wear them for a long period. A lightweight model is also preferable as it doesn’t put as much stress on your neck and back muscles, especially if you’re intending to wear them all day. If you’re unsatisfied with or the wear and tear on your old headsets are noticeable, you can buy ear cushions and other headset parts separately for a more comfortable experience.

6. Durability:

If you are spending a significant amount of money on a pair of headsets, it is essential that they be sturdy and durable so you can make the most use of your investment. Most respectable electronic device companies will offer a respectable guarantee and warranty on their products. Small parts like the cable or the ear cushions can be easily replaced, and a good quality headset ensures long-lasting performance.

7. Price:

A high-end expensive product does not necessarily promise a better experience than more modestly priced headsets. It is often that players end up paying more just for a brand name. Cross check the specs of expensive models with other, more affordable devices.
Philips SHP9500S Open Back Headphones
Image Source: Philips

Verdict – How Do You Choose the Right One?

Choosing the right headphones for you could become tricky if you don’t do your research. Here is a Roundup of the things that you need to do to make the right choice.
  • Know how you are planning to use the headphone
  • Look at the features you need and ones that you compromise a bit on – like do you really need a wireless headphone or can do with a wired one?
  • Look at how comfortable it is
  • Check out the reviews left by users on the products you are considering
Customer reviews or leaning from first-hand experiences can help you make the right choice.  
Here is a quick video that will help you decide in which open back headphones you will buy!

Puro Sound Lab BT2200 Wireless Headphone Review: Is This the Right Headphone for Your Kid?

Puro Sound Lab BT2200
Puro Sound Lab BT2200 Wireless Headphone Review: Is This the Right Headphone for Your Kid? Because you are going to buy headphones for your child, you can’t just pick out the very first model that you see. It’s one of the most exciting gifts that you could ever give to your children. Let’s take a look on one of the greatest headphones specifically designed for children.

Product Description

The Puro Sound Lab BT2200 wireless headphone is one of the great investments nowadays. Neither rest assured that this wireless headphone doesn’t look nor feel like a cheap headset because of its high-quality materials and features. Aside from that, this headphone is specifically designed to protect your hearing. So, rest assured that your kid will not only enjoy this gift but will also protect his hearing abilities as well. BT2200 Studio Grade Children's Bluetooth Headphones

Features and benefits

The first feature that reduces any hearing damage is that this headphone has a tight seal around the user’s ears. It reduces the ambient noise for up to 82 percent. This feature is useful because if there is too much background noise, you will most likely be tempted to louder your volume that can lead to hearing damages. It’s not a noise-blocking headphone, but it just uses the closed-back design to minimize the noise. Regarding appearance, its white and brown color looks very elegant for a headphone made for toddlers. The covering of the ear pads and headband is leatherette—assuring high durability. You can find the Bluetooth button of the headphone in the left ear cup, with some built-in microphone. It will allow you to adjust the volume, switch it on and off, and you can also find the audio jack and charging port of the headphone.


One of the advantages of this headphone is that you can easily pair it up with any Smartphone. The Bluetooth range is impressive. The long battery life is something to invest for. You can let your child use the headphone moderately for almost a week without ever having the need to charge the device. The company claims that it can stand for about 18 hours before recharging it back.


The only downside about this headphone is that you only get to wear it for about 2 hours before you can feel that your ears are starting to get uncomfortable with the presence of the headphone. Therefore, you can’t have a long night listening sessions with this headphone unless your child doesn’t mind the discomfort that it can bring to the ear after just a short period wearing it.


This headphone is ideal for parents who wanted to give a new gift while keeping within budget range because it’s affordable. The features that it offers are at a reasonable price. This headphone is a perfect Christmas gift for your child who appreciates the advancement of technology in such early age. You can easily mistake this headphone for an expensive and high-end model because of its appearance and features.

Afterglow wireless headset Review – Best among Best

Afterglow AG7 Wireless Headset
If you are passionate about gaming, and can’t accept anything less than perfect, afterglow wireless headsets might just be what you are looking for. While you can find several accessories to fantasize the gaming experience the real fun comes with a sonic sound quality that has the ability to engross you completely inside the game. Afterglow wireless headsets have a universal compatibility mode that allows you to sink it with Xbox 360, Play-station 3, Wii U, desktops and mobile phones. This is a console device fabricated by Avnera Wireless Solution, a company known for its high definition wireless audio connectivity and high-tech audio devices. The afterglow wireless headset was released on October 8, 2012, and still remains the top choice among the gamers. The key reason is its features and lightweight. It’s a bit on the heavier side at one pounds, compared to some of its competitors, but you wouldn’t mind given the comfort on offer. Afterglow Headset Unboxing

The Top Features To Look For

Some of the features that uniquely differentiate afterglow wireless headset from others include:

• Fabrication:

The afterglow wireless headset has a beautiful, artistic and an inventive design with a blue color complimenting the same. The speakers are made up of 50mm Neodymium that rest at an angle on the inner cavity to provide an overwhelming joy of crisp, crystal clear sound. The fabrication of this device is completely based on providing audio depth, crystal clear and robust sound.

• Sound quality:

Since the device works in three digital audio modes, it gets adapted as per your mood. The pure audio mode facilitates raw audio features. The bass boost mode indulges you in the game completely by increasing the low ends and bringing extra life to your visuals by effective, robust sound. The immersive mode uses a three-dimensional algorithm that blurs the line between virtual reality and the reality. It provides an expanded and a prolific sonic-space to you.

AFTERGLOW • Battery life:

Most of the gaming accessories have a drawback that although they provide a great gaming experience, they consume a lot of power resulting in low battery life. This device uses lithium polymer battery and the company claims that it can provide ten hours of contiguous active gaming once the device is fully charged. This is the greatest merit of afterglow wireless headset.

• Audio modes:

The sound quality of afterglow is darn good and can be enjoyed in three digital audio modes. These are pure audio, bass boot and the immersive audio. This boosts up the gaming experience to another height. The device lacks Dolby capabilities but manages to deliver a crusty sound with exact proportions required, neither too muddy nor too powering.

• Damn comfortable:

Unlike other gaming accessories are worn on head and ears that cause intense pain, this is damn comfortable. It has a dual suspension headband that adjusts automatically to your head and feels like it’s designed just for your head. It adapts so perfectly. The inner linings of the speakers are made up of polyurethane leather that is ultra-soft and doesn’t cause pain if you’re indulged in prolong gaming session. The device is designed keeping your ear’s nomenclature in mind. So, it has to be perfect.

• Incorporation of LEDs:

The incorporation of LED in the device has made it much easier and stylish. Each action or variation in the light connotes something. The LED at the tip of the microphone indicates the mute status or audio of the headset. If the same LED changes its colors constantly, it connotes that it’s ransacking a transmitter. A blue color means you are in the pure audio mode, red color means you are in the bass boost mode and the green color indicates the immersive mode. This makes it really interactive and smart.

• Charging capabilities:

Sadly, there is no provision to check the percentage of charging in the device. However, the device starts blinking and peeping once a minute when the battery life comes down to around ten minutes. The transmitter comes already paired with the device. So, you don’t have to struggle for the same. Also, the range of the transmitter is good enough to cover your complete home. So, you can enjoy the music or audio by being at any corner of the house. The interferences and audio drops are unable to hinder the strong wireless signals between the device and the transmitter. Also, if the device is about to discharge, you can still use it and keep it charging as a ten feet long charging cable comes along with the device.

What Isn’t As Great?

  • Although the design of afterglow wireless headset is made as per your ear’s dimensions and requirements, prolonged wearing of the same can lead to ear fatigue.
  • While the device is great in its appearance, style and look but it might seem absurd wearing it on the streets as it’s incorporated with LEDs and may resound quite absurd to others.
Wireless Headset Another problem is that you can’t connect more than one system to the device at a time. To be honest, this point can even be ignored because you would definitely not want to hear a song simultaneously from two systems. However, if you’re a hardcore gamer, this device might be the best choice for you as it extends all the features of other high-tech gaming headsets at such a minimal cost.

Should You Go For It?

With a good range, LED’s and a great sound quality, you wouldn’t go wrong with this one. The device also has a voice overlay to facilitate an effective and crystal clear communication. Sure, you may miss checking out how much juice is remaining, but the good battery life means that you wouldn’t have to think of it as much. This device is worth every penny you pay for it.