Price That Entrepreneurs Pay: The Psychological Side

When we say entrepreneurship, most of us think about profit and success. Entrepreneurs are commonly associated with luxury and adventurous lifestyles. Although, this is partially true, there is a dark side, a side each entrepreneur must pay. We consulted several therapists in order to understand that side better. Stress and anxiety Stress and anxiety are the biggest price entrepreneurs must pay. According to the studies, 34% of entrepreneurs experience anxiety. This is 4% more than other workers experience. The situation is even more severe when it comes to stress. Almost 45% of entrepreneurs are under stress, compared to 40% of other workers. Reasons for that are obvious. Entrepreneurs have a lot more issues and problems in everyday life. Problems with products, market, partners, demand, and supply are severe and most of them require a huge amount of time and devotion to be solved. The inability to solve an issue as soon as possible causes the mentioned anxiety and stress. Clinical obsession One of the newer studies, conducted in the United States deduced that entrepreneurs have a higher risk of clinical obsession. It is a mental state in which a person is obsessed (extensive thinking) of an activity, object or a goal. Precisely the last part is associated with entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who suffer from this issue think all the time about just one thing, usually the success of their business or a more specific product. As such, they cannot sleep or eat normally. In addition, this issue also causes them to exercise less than ordinary people. Hypomania This mental condition causes people to believe they are entirely important to the humankind. Obviously, some of the entrepreneurs may suffer from it. Luckily, it is uncommon and only 5% of entrepreneurs end up developing it. Also, it is more common in entrepreneurs who already had a success with a project and business. Mood swings Sadly, almost all entrepreneurs experience common mood swings. They include depression, loneliness, negative thoughts, hopeless and even worse! There is an interesting theory behind the claim. Most entrepreneurs are energetic and active, which makes them vulnerable to the aforementioned mood swings. Relaxed and ‘’slower’’ individuals are less likely to experience short-term stress and depression, which are common causes of mood swings. The secret here is the motivation. Entrepreneurs have a lot of it, which makes them move forward and therefore complete their goals. Some are even hyperactive, which usually have more motivation than ordinary people, but they may also be more sensitive when it comes to mood swings. Conclusion Now you see that entrepreneurship is far from perfect. Still, if you have a motivation that is outstanding, all of the psychological issues are less likely to occur. Furthermore, the mentioned motivation may help you with the project and will literally transform the number of possibilities your business venture may acquire over time. In any case, entrepreneurship has a bright and a dark side, but after all, everything on the planet has two sides.

How Amazing Entrepreneurship Actually Is

All entrepreneurs can be divided into two categories; those who knew the entire life they want to change the world and those who had a breathtaking idea at some point and decided to pursue it. Regardless of which type you are, you will have to know that entrepreneurship is truly amazing. There are more than 400 reasons why it is so great and desirable, so you can get a better idea. Yes, being an entrepreneur has its downsides, but in general aspect, it is highly beneficial. Now you will see a few reasons why being one is so amazing. Chances are high that after this you will want to start with your individual entrepreneurship.
  1. You will change the world, literally

Entrepreneurship is usually associated with innovations, new technologies that can make the world a better place. In a matter of fact, each entrepreneur has an idea or two what is the next step in the technology. Think of people who already did all of that and who invented new technologies. Just a few examples include VR, wireless charging, Google, Facebook, the internet, Apple and etc. You understand how amazing entrepreneurship is?
  1. Never be bored again

Motivation is closely associated with entrepreneurship, so chances are high you will want to work day after day on your idea, trying to make it as best as possible. After that, you will probably try to promote it as great as possible. All of this means that you won’t be bored ever again.
  1. Becoming a member of the family

Because all entrepreneurs were or still are the same as you, you can feel like you are a part of that massive family. It is feeling like no other and it’s beneficial, no less. By being a part of the family, you will get help when needed and have someone if or when you make a mistake.
  1. Controlling your life and your destiny

Being SEO or a developer of your own business allows you to control your destiny and your life. You can make any change you want and you can direct the life flow in the direction you really want. While you are an employee, you don’t get that opportunity. You are led, rather than a leader, so you don’t have the full power over your destiny. For example, you probably cannot choose what to wear while going to work tomorrow! Once you become an entrepreneur, dress codes, working hours and salary are all controlled by you. In simple words, you became a leader.


Besides having fun, making the world a better place and improving your life, you have the ability to become a legend and a part of history, if you are an entrepreneur. Don’t forget about travels, wealth, originality and etc. which comes with entrepreneurship. It may be difficult, but it is definitely a path to choose due to the fact the number of advantages annihilates the number of drawbacks!

The Top 10 Survival Tips and Making the Best Use of Coil Lighters

Best Use of Coil Lighters
Lighters are the most easily possible devices which aid us to ignite a flame or start a fire on materials such as gas stoves, candles, cigarettes or even fireworks. But these small tiny little containers have seen a lot of evolution. From fluid-filled plastic lighters to the classy, hassle-free telsa coil lighters; the timeline of development for these lighters has been lengthy.

The Top Advantages of Using a Coil Lighter

These coil lighters boast of having various pros over the cheap, old-fashioned flames competing with them. For example
  • Hassle- free because they can be lighted up even in the windiest of days possible.
  • They are compact and thus, very handy to be carried every day.
It is just plain cool with how a coil is used to spark up the fire
  • These are rechargeable using a simple USB cord and connecting it to devices like a computer, a laptop or a mobile phone.
  • These are environment-friendly as they do not emit any greenhouse gases. The traditional butane fluid-filled lighters emitted greenhouse gases which are behind the issues of global warming.
  • They are light on the pocket and durable. Once fully charged, they can run up to 100-300 times on full throttle.
  • These are much safer than the other cigarette lighters we see in the markets. Being flame less, these do not burn up things surrounding its flame-like hair, etc.
They look nothing close to the weary, old plastic packaging of the lighter we used to use easier.
But can these be for survival hacks? What are the benefits of these coil lighters in extreme conditions? As humans, we need to be prepared for everything. You never know what fate has next for you. Imagine a scenario where you are isolated to someplace, and all you have is a coil lighter. What can you do to survive? What should be in your knowledge to make yourself live through these extreme times?

1. Fire up the logs

The first thing you should be doing is collecting dry leaves, papers, and clothes that you can find. Once done, light them up to build a campfire because without that nothing else will work.

2. Create the warmth your body will need

If you imagine an extreme situation, it won’t be difficult for you to understand what variations of climate you might have to see. In case you are stuck in a place with extremely low temperature, where the cold winds Plasma Electric Lighterspenetrate your body and are about to reach your bones; use that lighter and ignite fire all around you. Create the warmth you need to survive or else be ready to freeze to death.

3. Cook whatever you get even though our bodies allow us to survive up to three long weeks sans food, you should not take a risk.

Weakness will creep into your body as soon as it becomes deficient of the necessary nutrients. Then? What can you do? Build a cooking space for whatever good things and meat you find. Your body might survive the lack of food but, it won’t be able to surpass the food poisoning and infections you might catch if you eat uncooked and raw food.

4. Scare the beasts away extreme conditions;

you might even have to face the deadly creatures of the jungle. In such a case, the only savior you have is the log of wood you’ll be able to burn by creating a fire pool with your lighter. It all starts with a spark you see!

5. Purify the water you’re thirsty and anxiously looking for a source of water

Coil And Arc Lighterbut remember that water might be a house full of germs, ready to attack your body and make you sick. Don’t take a risk and kill the nasty pathogens which may be lurking in the water. Boil the water before even a drop hits your tongue!

6. Open bottles with the heat

If you somehow find glass bottles stuffed with something you can use or consume but can’t open it; place trust on your little lighter. Create a fireplace with whatever dry things you can find and heat the bottle’s edges over it. It will open in a few seconds. Don’t do this with bottles containing inflammable stuff.

7. Use it to alert others about where you are

Fire is a great way to call others for help. If you feel that there are some people around you, who might be able to help you and pull you out of this situation, don’t waste another moment. Start burning whatever dry leaves, paper or cloth you find and wave it so that people can see. You never know this might be the way your life will be saved!

8. Cut things up if you have the particular lighters

Every survival specialist knows how essential things with multiple uses are. If you have bought a lighter with attached accessories like a knife or a blade or a key holder ring the, Lighter Reviewyou might be lucky and smart. In cases where you are stuck in extreme situations, they can be your best friends.

9. Create fire arrows you can’t see anyone around

how are you going to inform others that you’re stuck? Burn the smooth dry stems and use them as fire arrows to alert others of your condition.

10. Create a mini survival kit you are a survival enthusiast

wrap up your lighter with duct tape. It will come in handy in extreme situations. Place sewing needles in it. Add tiny hooks to it. These few tips will help you keep safe even when it comes to situations you do not anticipate. Are you ready yet?