This is a Test

Hello everyone! My name is Tina and I’ll be your host this evening. Just kidding.

I’m the community manager for Retro Yeti, so it’s my job to keep all of you updated on our progress as we build our thesis game with blood, tears, and caffeine. But before I go there, let’s talk about how we got here. If you’re curious about the team, visit the helpfully named “Team” page for links to our individual blogs. Eventually we’ll have short bios posted for each of the team members, too. We are all students in the MEAE program at the University of Utah. There are artists, there are engineers, and there are producers. We each have our own sort of specialty and experiences, but we all take some classes together to learn basic game development skills. Every one of us has a different background from life and how we got where we are now, so if you’re curious about our paths to graduate school….well. Keep your eyes peeled. There will be short podcast introductions later.

For now, we’re a little mired in work because it’s the end of the first semester, but I plan to update when we have a lot to show you. In the meantime, consider our game’s (current) premise: You’re a superhero with the ability to project premonition versions of yourself, so you can see where you would die. This is based on the question “can hints be a mechanic?”, because out game is a thesis game – it’s something we must complete and publish in order to graduate in one year. The premise we have now is actually quite different from the premise we started with when we first began prototyping potential thesis games, and there is a long road ahead of us, so you can expect to see many more changes in the future.

That’s it for today, kids. Be sure to check out the team’s personal blogs for more detailed information about development!

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