Net Neutrality

The FCC may have voted to reclassify the internet as a utility, but the fight’s not over yet! Stay tuned for information on what you can do to continue supporting net neutrality.

What is Net Neutrality?

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The FCC has voted to reclassify broadband internet as a utility.

A Guide to the Open Internet

ACLU – Net Neutrality

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Is the internet a public utility?

Is the end of Net Neutrality bad for gamers? (Spoilers: Probably.)

Rap News – Net neutrality

Why does it matter to us?

The internet is for everyone. Period.

The fact that a small handful of companies are seeking to control internet speeds and the flow of content to benefit themselves under the guise of improving quality of service…it makes us mad. No, it makes us furious. We believe those companies should own up to their real motive – greed. If they were able to control the internet , it would mean their continued monopoly and little chance of equal access for everyone. That’s just wrong.

We’re graduate students, so we live and breathe the internet almost 24/7. We use it for our education and game development – anything from finding code snippets to references for art. We play online games. We contact friends and fellow developers around the world.  We watch streaming videos and tutorials, we download software and tools. We use it for everything.

We want an open internet. We are for net neutrality.

What can you do?