Afterglow AG7 Wireless Headset

If you are passionate about gaming, and can’t accept anything less than perfect, afterglow wireless headsets might just be what you are looking for.

While you can find several accessories to fantasize the gaming experience the real fun comes with a sonic sound quality that has the ability to engross you completely inside the game.

Afterglow wireless headsets have a universal compatibility mode that allows you to sink it with Xbox 360, Play-station 3, Wii U, desktops and mobile phones.

This is a console device fabricated by Avnera Wireless Solution, a company known for its high definition wireless audio connectivity and high-tech audio devices.

The afterglow wireless headset was released on October 8, 2012, and still remains the top choice among the gamers. The key reason is its features and lightweight. It’s a bit on the heavier side at one pounds, compared to some of its competitors, but you wouldn’t mind given the comfort on offer.

Afterglow Headset Unboxing

The Top Features To Look For

Some of the features that uniquely differentiate afterglow wireless headset from others include:

• Fabrication:

The afterglow wireless headset has a beautiful, artistic and an inventive design with a blue color complimenting the same. The speakers are made up of 50mm Neodymium that rest at an angle on the inner cavity to provide an overwhelming joy of crisp, crystal clear sound. The fabrication of this device is completely based on providing audio depth, crystal clear and robust sound.

• Sound quality:

Since the device works in three digital audio modes, it gets adapted as per your mood. The pure audio mode facilitates raw audio features.

The bass boost mode indulges you in the game completely by increasing the low ends and bringing extra life to your visuals by effective, robust sound. The immersive mode uses a three-dimensional algorithm that blurs the line between virtual reality and the reality. It provides an expanded and a prolific sonic-space to you.

• Battery life:

Most of the gaming accessories have a drawback that although they provide a great gaming experience, they consume a lot of power resulting in low battery life. This device uses lithium polymer battery and the company claims that it can provide ten hours of contiguous active gaming once the device is fully charged. This is the greatest merit of afterglow wireless headset.

• Audio modes:

The sound quality of afterglow is darn good and can be enjoyed in three digital audio modes. These are pure audio, bass boot and the immersive audio. This boosts up the gaming experience to another height.
The device lacks Dolby capabilities but manages to deliver a crusty sound with exact proportions required, neither too muddy nor too powering.

• Damn comfortable:

Unlike other gaming accessories are worn on head and ears that cause intense pain, this is damn comfortable. It has a dual suspension headband that adjusts automatically to your head and feels like it’s designed just for your head.

It adapts so perfectly. The inner linings of the speakers are made up of polyurethane leather that is ultra-soft and doesn’t cause pain if you’re indulged in prolong gaming session. The device is designed keeping your ear’s nomenclature in mind. So, it has to be perfect.

• Incorporation of LEDs:

The incorporation of LED in the device has made it much easier and stylish. Each action or variation in the light connotes something. The LED at the tip of the microphone indicates the mute status or audio of the headset. If the same LED changes its colors constantly, it connotes that it’s ransacking a transmitter.

A blue color means you are in the pure audio mode, red color means you are in the bass boost mode and the green color indicates the immersive mode. This makes it really interactive and smart.

• Charging capabilities:

Sadly, there is no provision to check the percentage of charging in the device. However, the device starts blinking and peeping once a minute when the battery life comes down to around ten minutes. The transmitter comes already paired with the device. So, you don’t have to struggle for the same.

Also, the range of the transmitter is good enough to cover your complete home. So, you can enjoy the music or audio by being at any corner of the house.

The interferences and audio drops are unable to hinder the strong wireless signals between the device and the transmitter. Also, if the device is about to discharge, you can still use it and keep it charging as a ten feet long charging cable comes along with the device.

What Isn’t As Great?

  • Although the design of afterglow wireless headset is made as per your ear’s dimensions and requirements, prolonged wearing of the same can lead to ear fatigue.
  • While the device is great in its appearance, style and look but it might seem absurd wearing it on the streets as it’s incorporated with LEDs and may resound quite absurd to others.

Wireless Headset
Another problem is that you can’t connect more than one system to the device at a time. To be honest, this point can even be ignored because you would definitely not want to hear a song simultaneously from two systems.

However, if you’re a hardcore gamer, this device might be the best choice for you as it extends all the features of other high-tech gaming headsets at such a minimal cost.

Should You Go For It?

With a good range, LED’s and a great sound quality, you wouldn’t go wrong with this one.

The device also has a voice overlay to facilitate an effective and crystal clear communication. Sure, you may miss checking out how much juice is remaining, but the good battery life means that you wouldn’t have to think of it as much. This device is worth every penny you pay for it.