The Augen Music Freedom MP3 Player/Headphones are a unique product that serves two purposes equally well. First, it is a well-made comfortable pair of headphones that are happy to wear with their cushioned ear pads and lightweight design. Second, these incredible headphones also have a built-in MP3 player for all your favorite music or podcasts.

The MP# Player runs on a built-in long-life lithium battery, which is recharged quickly and simply by plugging them into a USB port on your computer. A full charge will allow the MP3 player to play for up to 7 total hours. You may use the Headphones with full function as you are charging them.

All music files are contained on SD/MMC cards, which you plug into the headphones. How much music you store depends upon the size of your SD/MMC Card. I am currently using a 1 Gig card, so I can load up to approximately 240 songs. If I need more music or have a more massive PodCast, I simply change to a larger SD/MMC Card. The card is easily accessible at the top of the unit.

The sound quality of these headphones is quite remarkable and delivers a full and rich sound. And you can change the tone of your music by using the built-in Equalizer, which will allow you to change resonances between Normal, Classic, Pop, Rock, and Jazz modes. Also built into the menu is various repeat functions


By attaching a USB cable and a simple mini-plug cord, you can convert your MP3 player to high-quality stereo Headphones. The removable cord is a standard mini-plug that works with almost all computers. The lightweight of these Headphones very comfortable to wear. And with your MP3 player fully charged, you have full mobility to go anywhere you want.

The unit is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Vista. Downloading songs to it is a snap and accomplished via a USB cord that comes with the group.

I have found a few drawbacks to this product. First, the headphones require an SD/MMC card to load your music or podcast into. This is not included with the unit, so you must make a separate purchase.

Second, the controls are on the left side headphone and are similar to a standard MP3 player. But they are sensitive. Several times I have turned my unit off while adjusting the volume or attempting to change songs.

And Third, these Headphones should be able to function as Headphones for any of your music devices, but they do not. They will only work as standard headphones when connected to your computer, by the mini cord, and USB cable at the same time.

Those drawbacks aside, this MP3 Player/Headphones are an excellent product, well built, and deliver outstanding sound quality and comfort, all for around $60, well worth the price. I highly recommend this product, for use as an MP3 player or just as Headphones for your computer.